Setting the Corner Stones & Laying the Foundations that Drive Success


- WHAT -


Successful organizations are built on a solid foundation of . . .

A well-defined & well-understood “MISSION”, - an external component of the plan and what we call “CLEAR MISSION”.

A well-defined & well-understood “VISION” - an internal component of the plan and what we call “CLEAR VISION”.

Well-defined & well-understood “VALUES” - practiced at all levels of the organization both internally & externally and what we call “CLEAR VALUES”. 

- WHY -


Clear Mission, Clear Vision & Clear Values - more than anything else - drive “BRAND” & “CULTURE”, are the corner stones the larger “BUSINESS PLAN” is built on and lay the foundation for organizational success.

 Equipped with Clear Mission, Clear Vision & Clear Values, an organization is strategically positioned to define, develop & refine it’s critical “MODELS”,  while establishing the key “DRIVERS” that will contribute to the success of each and the “STRATEGIC ACTIONS” that will then be implemented.    

- HOW -


By involving as many “Stakeholders” as possible in the process and employing proven “Facilitated Tools” that allow all thoughts, ideas & concepts to be thoroughly evaluated, analyzed & vetted, while inspiring creativity and “Outside-the-Box” thinking, the organization is on a solid foundation to develop a realistic “STRATEGIC PLAN” driving future success that all stakeholders will be on the same page with, have ownership of,  and a vested interest in its successful outcomes. 




The StratDM process is specifically designed to allow the early-to-mid-stage-startup to get its feet solidly on the ground and quickly up to speed on a well defined & well understood “Clear Mission”, “Clear Vision” and “Clear Values”, laying a solid foundation to build the enterprise on while identifying precisely the key “Drivers” that will leverage the enterprise as it moves forward. This, more than anything else, impacts “Brand”, “Culture” and drives “Success”




At StratDM we believe one of the major reasons over 80% of startups fail is lack of a well-defined & well-understood “CLEAR MISSION”; “CLEAR VISION”; and “CLEAR VALUES”.

 It is also our belief that the reason many Strategic Plans fail is a lack of effectively identifying & managing the key “DRIVERS” that guide the development & refinement of the enterprise’s critical “MODELS”  I.E. Business; Revenue; Organizational; Marketing; Metrics; Hiring; etc. etc. and the "STRATEGIC ACTIONS" that will allow the organization  to FULFILL ITS MISSION; ACHIEVE ITS VISION; while staying TRUE TO ITS VALUES.

The “DRIVERS MODEL” fits hand-in-glove with, & lays a solid foundation for, successful implementation of “Lean Startup”; “EOS(Traction); “TQM”; MBO; "Incubator/Accelerator Experience," Etc.


At StratDM our passion is supporting future focused entrepreneurs as they set the Corner Stones and lay the Foundations that Drive Success.


Vaughn Carter



My commitment to creative but sound business practices dates back more than 40 years. My experiences are rooted in organizational development, performance improvement, and strategic planning. My tool kit includes team building, stakeholder engagement, talent management and a deep understanding of how decisions are made and strategy is set in successful organizations.

I spent more than 10 years as an executive recruiter - headhunter - recruiting top management & technical talent for high tech companies in the Silicon Valley. This was where I first developed my passion for the art & science of business success and why some organizations prosper while others do not.

I founded & grew CMS, a very successful performance improvement organization. In 2002, one of the largest organizational development firms internationally, Right Management Consultants, acquired CMS and I ran Right's Lincoln operations.

I acquired real world entrepreneurial skills & experience through starting, owning and managing several businesses, serving as Mayor of a Colorado community, President of a Chamber of Commerce and on the boards of a number of professional/industry associations & non-profits. 

In 1998 I was commissioned by our Governor as an "Admiral" in "The Great Navy of the Great State of Nebraska", (Johnny Carson & Gerald Ford were also Admirals in the Nebraska Navy) 😎

My passion is supporting future focused entrepreneurs as they set the Corner Stones & lay the Foundations that drive Success, and would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss what StratDM might do for you & your organization.   


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